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[Camel] MILK DROP: Camel Documentary on Preserving Culture | Filmmaker Interview

Milk Drop Camel Documentary

  Can a drop of camel milk help preserve culture in Ethiopia…?   Clio Sozzani & Roba Bulga think so and they are about to tell the world in a powerfully dramatic new Camel documentary on Camel Milk.   We interviewed Clio Sozzani – an anthropologist filmmaker and director of this new camel milk documentary […]

Redefining Happiness & Success via Camels: John Elliott Interview

Camelman John Elliott

  We have an adventure packed interview for you today – all revolving around one man’s idea of trekking with camels.   We sat down with John Elliott: Adventurer, Entrepreneur, Explorer & now Cameleer.   John decided to embark on a journey – namely a camel expedition – over the next few years visiting town […]

Women Who Work With Camels – Celebrating International Women’s Day

Women Who Work With Camels Camel lady Cameleer

Being “Pretty” isn’t our aim in life… #WomenWorkWithCamels Celebrating International Women’s Day.   There are SO many inspiring Camel loving ladies in this world doing amazing things with camels, whether that be trekking across a continent, setting up camel non-for-profits, using camel’s for therapy, dedicating time to share camel stories or experiences… ALL of this is […]

CAMEL CRAZY Author Interview Christina Adams (on Camel Milk)

Camel Crazy Camel Milk Christina Adams

  When we first saw the title of Christina’s new book: Camel Crazy, we knew the language of “camel people” was being spoken.   During our interview with Christina we felt star struck on how committed she is to spread the message on how important camels are, not only to certain ‘camel cultures,’ but also […]

CAMEL FILM JUDAS COLLAR: Interview with Writer, Director & Producer

Camel Film Judas Collar Australian wild camels

    If you had found out that there was an especially made collar designed for feral camels  in Australia that when put on one particular camel, that now that camel was responsible for all his fellow herd members being shot, because ‘he’ unknowingly had led the human predators directly to his herd, what would […]

Lourdes Camel Sanctuary – Camel Therapy For The Underprivileged

Lourdes camel sanctuary camel therapy

        Can camels help the underprivileged? Well that’s exactly what you’re going to hear about in this inspiring interview with Sally Millard and Fr. Bob.   For the past few years we’ve been mentoring Sally & Mick in their camel journey. They have been to multiple camel courses and workshops of ours […]

Camel Vet Alex Tinson (aka The Desert Vet)

Camel Vet Alex Tinson The desert Vet

After reading the book The Desert Vet by Alex Tinson we just KNEW we just had to have him on our podcast to chat more about, not only his camel adventures, but also his incredible scientific knowledge on camels.   Let’s face it, it’s hard to come by vets with over 30 years of camel […]

Wild Camel Protector John Hare, Explorer Interview

John Hare Wild Camel

John Hare is no stranger to adventure and camels as an explorer, conservationist, author & co-founder of the Wild Camel Protection Foundation.  John has undertook a number of incredible expeditions with camels into remote parts of the world, frequently travelling alone.  This kindled John Hare’s life-long passion for camels. Some of John Hare’s amazing camel […]

4 Month Mongolian Camel Expedition with Tamar Valkenier (Women Who Work With Camels)

Mongolian Camel Expedition Tamar Valkenier

Today we are interviewing and featuring Dutch born Tamar Valkenier about her 4 month Mongolian Camel Expedition as part of our #WomenWhoWorkWithCamels series.   Tamar shares the challenges she faced in such harsh environments and how being with camels 24/7 changed her as a person forever.   Tamar gave up her promising career in 2015, Graduated […]

Woman In The Wilderness with Miriam Lancewood

Woman In The Wilderness Miriam Lancewood

  Today we have a treat for you!   We had the pleasure of Interviewing Miriam Lancewood, author of Woman in the wilderness.   We wanted to interview Miriam about her wilderness adventures, because we know, that some of you listening, have brought camels for this idea of living more freely, trekking with your camels […]