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Camel Halters & Headstalls: Choosing, Fitting & Safety

In this video, we help you decide the best camel halter for your camels.   We give 3 different examples of camel halters with a focus on the camel halter that we’ve tried & tested and has proven itself time & time again.   Watch the video to learn about camel halters:   Want Access […]

Inside Camel Training Yards: Doing Vs Being

Camel Connection Podcast · Inside Camel Training Yards: Doing Vs Being For those that aren’t in our Virtual Camel School attending our live camel training lessons we want to show you what it’s like inside our camel training yards.   A few things might stand out like… No loud talking or fast movements. We’re extremely […]

Some [Personal] News & How it Relates To Camel Training

Camel Connection Podcast · Some [Personal] News & How it Relates To Camel Training   We have some personal news to share with you.   We (Russell & Tara) made the decision together to share this with you because ultimately, we value authenticity & vulnerability, and as strange as it might sound, this has everything […]

Without This You Can’t Train & Handle Camels

 Camel Connection Podcast · #78 Can’t Train Camels Without This   We don’t know what position you’re in and how you came about your camel(s) – if you have them yet – but we know that EVERY camel owners need camel education.    Camel education that aligns with YOUR values about animals.   In […]

Baby Camels – When to Start Training [Camel Q&A]

Baby Camel Training

Camel Connection Podcast · Camel Q&A – Baby Camels – When To Start Training   So you’ve just gotten a baby camel, expecting one or maybe you’re considering getting a baby camel – congratulations!   Having camels in your life, we think, is one of life’s greatest pleasures!   One of the most common questions […]

How To Keep Your Camel Biz Afloat at This Time

   These are concerning times with the COV ID 19 crisis occurring all around the globe. So many lives and businesses are affected and of course, camel business activity isn’t immune to this situation (and animals do NOT stop eating).   We’ve been receiving emails (thank you) from concerned camel business owners & operators […]