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Redefining Happiness & Success via Camels: John Elliott Interview

  We have an adventure packed interview for you today – all revolving around one man’s idea of trekking with camels.   We sat down with John Elliott: Adventurer, Entrepreneur, Explorer & now Cameleer.   John decided to embark on a journey – namely a camel expedition – over the next few years visiting town […]

Women Who Work With Camels – Celebrating INWD 2020

Women Who Work With Camels Camel lady Cameleer

Being “Pretty” isn’t our aim in life… #WomenWorkWithCamels Celebrating International Women’s Day, March 8th 2020.     Although we could have an entire social page & website dedicated to Women Who Work With Camels (because there are SO many inspiring Camel loving ladies in this world)…. We did a social take over & to share some […]

CAMEL FILM JUDAS COLLAR: Interview with Writer, Director & Producer

Camel Film Judas Collar Australian wild camels

    If you had found out that there was an especially made collar designed for feral camels  in Australia that when put on one particular camel, that now that camel was responsible for all his fellow herd members being shot, because ‘he’ unknowingly had led the human predators directly to his herd, what would […]

Why We Started Sharing Camel Training Information

camel training Tara Lea Russell Osborne

      Why on earth would two people, one being an English Lecturer (Russell Osborne) and the other being a horse trainer (Tara Lea) give up their standing credentials to teach and educate people about CAMEL training and handling…?   Well, this is [a part] of our story on Why We Started Sharing Camel […]