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Signs of a Traumatised Camel

Traumatised Camels Camel Training

Camel Connection Podcast · Signs of a Traumatised Camel   Camels are very sensitive creatures, yet can seem aloof in their demeanour, given this they are susceptible to experience trauma easily, especially if you don’t know how a camel thinks and how to handle them in a way that they understand, in this episode we’re […]

How Camels Show Fear & Anxiety [Camel Q&A]

Camel fear and anxiety camel training

    Every camel, no matter how experienced they are, will show signs of fear and anxiety, obviously as camels gain more experience this can lesson, but this depends on their handling, training & management too.    Camels are a prey animal, meaning they are constantly on guard and on a fine line between being […]

How To Build a Relationship With Your Camel

How To Build a relationship with your camel

  Building a relationship with the camels that are in your life is essential if you want the best outcomes for them AND yourself in handling, training and as a companion.    Camels thrive off relationships – all you have to do is look at their natural herd environments to understand how important relationships are […]

Camel Training: Positive Reinforcements To Start Using Now [Video]

Camel Training Positive Reinforcements

      Having a camel experience positive reinforcement from their human companion is essential to good handling and training, but it can be over AND under done.   We share with you 4 (easy) Positive Reinforcements To Use the next time you’re with camels.    You’ll notice in this video that our reinforcements are […]

CAMEL FILM JUDAS COLLAR: Interview with Writer, Director & Producer

Camel Film Judas Collar Australian wild camels

    If you had found out that there was an especially made collar designed for feral camels  in Australia that when put on one particular camel, that now that camel was responsible for all his fellow herd members being shot, because ‘he’ unknowingly had led the human predators directly to his herd, what would […]

Camel Toys & Enrichment Activities

camel toys camel enrichment

A common scenario is camel owners trying to do the right thing by their camel(s) and creating enrichment activities and ‘toys’ to help keep the camel entertained and, in some cases, stop them form being ‘destructive’ in other ways.   But, do camels need toys and what is a camel thinking when these things are […]

Training Camels: How Long Does It Take?

Training camels how long does it take

If you’re anything like most people when first getting into camels one of your initial questions might have been how long does it take to train a camel?   There are many different levels of training a camel can have, we offer Level 1, 2 as part of our camel training courses, but the question: […]

Camel Ages & What To Expect

Camel ages & what to expect camel training

Did you know that there are 4 developmental stages to a camel’s life?   One of the biggest mistakes that people make when training or handling camels is they forget that the camel is at a particular ‘stage’ in life which can, and does, affect the approach to training and handling.    In this podcast […]

When a Camel Doesn’t Follow Instructions [Camel Q&A]

camel training when a camel doesn't follow instructions

Training and handling camels can be a challenge when you’re trying to figure to why they might be refusing to follow instructions.    What can you do if a camel is refusing to follow instructions…?   We answer that question on this Camel Q&A   Points we cover: Considering the camels environment How to get […]

Weather & How it Affects Camel Behaviours

camel behaviours

Did you know that the weather has a significant affect on your camel’s behaviour?    Do you know what you, as a camel owner and or handler, can expect from your camel(s) in certain weather conditions?   In this podcast episode we discuss how the weather affects your camel’s behaviour.   The points we make […]