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Supplements Domestic Camels Need

Camel Connection Podcast · Supplements Domestic Camels Need   If you’re like so many other camel owners whereby you don’t have your camels in their natural desert environment, roaming free, then you need to tune into this Camel Vet Talk on supplements domesticated camels NEED.   Dr. Margie Bale – Camel Vet, gives us digestible […]

Camel Nutrition & Toxic Plants

Camel Connection Podcast · Camel Nutrition & Toxic Plants Most people ask (or Google) “What do camels eat?” The question should really be, “what SHOULD camel’s eat.”   Many people put camels in the “hardy animal” category when in fact, if they are removed from their natural environment – the desert, nothing can be further […]

Camel Disease That Broke Our Hearts! Every Camel Owner Needs To Know: Osteodystrophy aka “Big Head”

 Camel Connection Podcast · Every Camel Owner Needs To Know This Camel Disease: Osteodystrophy aka “Big Head”   There’s LOTS to learn about camels and their health, we know, but if one dis-ease stands out and is a MUST KNOW for anyone considering buying/owning camels or already has camels it’s Osteodystrophy – otherwise known […]

Camel Vaccinations: For Pet Camels & Production Camels

Camel Connection Podcast · Camel Vaccinations For Pet & Production Camels – Camel Vet Talk #3 Camels are complex creatures with their biology AND nature and as we learned from Dr. Margie Bale, they aren’t immune to diseases and bacterial infections that are life-threatening!   Margie shares with us, from her own Camel Vet practice, […]

Camel Vet & Care Questions Answered #1

Camel Vet Questions

  Last week we got to be on a video conference call with Dr Margie, Camel Vet and she so willingly answered all the Camel Vet Questions that members of our Cameleer Academy had.    So we thought we’d see if you had the same or similar Camel Vet questions.   The Camel Vet Q&A […]

Worms in Camels – Why They are Such a BIG Problem (Camel Vet Talk)

Worms in Camels

  Why are worms in camels such a big problem…?   Dr Margie Bale, from,  explains why worms in camels are such a big problem.    We love how Dr Bale puts things so simply and in a non-scientific way that anyone can understand.   If you’d like access to this full Camel Vet […]

Worms in Camels – What You Need To Know

Worms in Camels

  First we have to say off the bat, if you come here looking for a straight answer on worms in camels and drenches / dewormers to use we don’t have it and anyone who gives a straight answer to parasites in camels doesn’t understand the science (which we learned the hard way).   We’re […]

CAMEL CARE: What’s Killing Domestic Camels Wordwide

Camel Husbandry Care

  As camel owners, lovers and educators over the years we are always searching for the latest and greatest information on camels so we can educate ourselves and also pass on that information to you too – via this podcast, Virtual Camel School & our Cameleer Academy Membership.   Although, there are moments when we […]