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Baby & Young Camels: Training & Feeding Guide

Baby & Young Camels Feeding & Training Guide

Camel Connection Podcast · Young Camels Training & Feeding Guide   If you have or are considering (or on a waitlist) to get a young camel, under 3 years of age, then keep listening, because you’re going to need this info…   Or… Or…   TRANSCRIPT:   Known Fact:   Young camels need the best […]

Ask a Camel Vet

Camel Vet

Camel Connection Podcast · Ask A Camel Vet   Hey it’s Tara Here & You’re listening to the Camel Connection podcast where we (myself & Russell, who is also co-host here) help you become more Camel Confident & Connected in camel training, handling, psychology & wellbeing and in this podcast I have a question for […]

Earth & Environmentally Friendly Camels

Environmentally Friendly Camels

Camel Connection Podcast · Earth & Environmentally Friendly Camels   One of the main reasons we’re so ‘into camels’ is because of their built in environmental friendliness, so in light of Global Earth Day we have some fun Enviro Friendly camel facts for you!   We not only adore the camel’s ‘dog like’ personalities, but […]

Challenges of Women Who Work with Camels

Women Who Work With Camels AMY CHRISTMAS

Camel Connection Podcast · Challenges Of Women Who Work With Camels   You know those moments when you begin to become interested in something (aka like camels) then suddenly more and more “camel Things” and “camel people” enter your realm…? Well, for our podcast guest today, Amy Christmas, her entire world and life opened up […]