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Camel Expeditions are a wonderful way to enjoy the country by foot. The wonders of nature capture your eye and connect you back to mother nature. Camel Expeditions in the Australian Outback. Personal Camel Expeditions and Commercial Camel Expeditions.  Choose to join a group camel expedition or be mentored to do your own personal camel expedition.

Walk through an Australian Desert with our experienced and friendly camels!

Experience a real life Camel Expedition without having to learn all the necessary skills and organise logistics.

Live with us and our camels in the Australian Outback on our 16 day camel desert expedition with a ‘hands on approach’ in the safety of professional cameleers who’ve done it before!

Expertly Guided by a bloke who has walked across Australia with camels.

Russell Osborne, CEO of Australian Camels dedicated a large chunk of his life to walk 8 camels from Darwin to Melbourne,over 6,000km,  through Australia’s most isolated deserts regions for a Children’s Charity. He did the hard yards of initially making the decision, spending years gathering the camels, training them, making saddles and other equipment, logistics, mapping, seeking sponsorship and finally DOING IT (13 years to plan)!

A chronicle of his journey is now in print format as ‘Camelman Dreaming’

Redefining Happiness & Success via Camels: John Elliott Interview

  We have an adventure packed interview for you today – all revolving around one man’s idea of trekking with camels.   We sat down with John Elliott: Adventurer, Entrepreneur, Explorer & now Cameleer.   John decided to embark on a journey – namely a camel expedition – over the next few years visiting town […]

How To Hobble a Camel Safely [Video]

How To Hobble a Camel

Camel Training Tip: How to Hobble a Camel Safely, two ways.   Two safe ways to put hobbles on a newly trained camel as well as more experienced camels.   Reasons to use hobbles: – Feeding out un-teathered in open spaces – SOME Training methods (please seek professional advice before proceeding using hobbles for training. […]

How Much Water Does a Camel Drink? [Camel Q&A]

How much water does a camel drink

  One of the most common questions we get from camel owners and non-camel owners is how much water does a camel actually drink or, need to drink…?   It might surprise you that this is a complex question with a complex answer, but today we’re sharing all the details with you in this Camel […]

Where To Start With Your Camel Trek Idea? [Camel Q&A]

camel trek camel expedition

Welcome to our first ever Camel Q&A.   Today we answer a question on where to start with a camel trek or camel expedition idea and what camel courses are necessary to successfully complete such a project.   We share our top 3 tips on how you can get your camel trekking idea off the […]

How To Make Any Camel Dream or Goal a Reality

Tara Lea Russell Osborne camel training

The title of this blog/podcast is very…. Cliche, but stick with us – that’s the best title we could come up with without writing an entire sentence.    The thing is that…   We can teach you all the ‘camel things’ (skills etc) in order to reach those camel goals or dreams of yours, but […]

Wild Camel Protector John Hare, Explorer Interview

John Hare Wild Camel

John Hare is no stranger to adventure and camels as an explorer, conservationist, author & co-founder of the Wild Camel Protection Foundation.  John has undertook a number of incredible expeditions with camels into remote parts of the world, frequently travelling alone.  This kindled John Hare’s life-long passion for camels. Some of John Hare’s amazing camel […]

4 Month Mongolian Camel Expedition with Tamar Valkenier (Women Who Work With Camels)

Mongolian Camel Expedition Tamar Valkenier

Today we are interviewing and featuring Dutch born Tamar Valkenier about her 4 month Mongolian Camel Expedition as part of our #WomenWhoWorkWithCamels series.   Tamar shares the challenges she faced in such harsh environments and how being with camels 24/7 changed her as a person forever.   Tamar gave up her promising career in 2015, Graduated […]

The All Purpose Camel Saddle Explained


Take a sneak peek of all the features of an all purpose camel saddle, for the dromedary camel. Watch Russell explain why he chose the All Purpose Camel Saddle before his 2 year walk with camels across Australia.   Highlights: After 15+ years the camel saddle featured in the video is still in excellent condition  […]

5 Reasons You Need a Camel

buying camels camels for sale

If you’ve been considering owning and buying camels –  we’ve got your back! In this episode we share all the reasons You need camels in your life. Maybe you’ve seen some camels for sale and your tempted to be their new owner or maybe you’re in the research phase. In the below podcast we explain…. […]

Charity Camel Treks How To Do Your Own

Charity Camel Trek How To Do Your Own

 Admittedly, we LIVE for charity camel treks! Between us (Russel & Tara) we’ve managed to raise over $30,000 for charities that are close to our hearts and we encourage others to do the same, hence this new podcast all about how YOU can do your own charity camel trek. Although the title suggests that […]