14 Amazing Photos of Camels used in War

Australian Camel Corps

Animals were a big part of assisting their handlers in wartimes. Some were used for practical reasons others were mascots to raise moral and or companionship to help assist with the hardship of the times.

the Imperial Camel Corps, first raised in 1916, was a camel-mounted infantry force operating in the Middle Eastern and African deserts. The Corps played an integral role in several First World War desert campaigns, including Palestine and Sinai.

The Corps had a small start, with the first companies consisting of Australian troops returning from the Gallipoli campaign. Over time, though, it grew to four battalions and was made up of Australian, New Zealand and British troops. Additional soldiers from the Hong Kong and Singapore Mountain Battery were also attached to the Corps.

Watch the video and read below the full descriptions of all the pictures featured.

Here are 12 Amazing Photos of Camels used in War with their Cameleers as part of the Australian Camel Corps.

  1. An International Lineup


Australian Camel Corps

Mounted troops from the Australian, British, New Zealand and Indian battalions of the Imperial Camel Corps.

2. Preparing to Mount

camels in war

Australian cameleer members of the Imperial Camel Corps near Jaffa, Palestine, prepare to mount.

3. Camel Caravan Through Wadi Arba

Australian camel corps

The camel caravan of the Imperial Camel Corps dropping into Wadi Arba from the east while en route to join T E Lawrence in late summer 1918.

4. In Palestine

camel corps

Men of an Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) battalion of the Imperial Camel Corps Brigade at Ludd, 1918.

5. Feed Time


Lieutenant Geoffrey Inchbald of No.8 Company, Imperial Camel Corps, in the Western Desert with his sitting camels.

6. Rest Time

australian camel corps

The lines of the Imperial Camel Corps shaded by trees near Beersheba.

7. Camels at Beersheba

camel corps

The Imperial Camel Corps Brigade outside Beersheba, 1 November 1917.

8. Playtime

camel corps

Men of the Imperial Camel Corps washing their camels at the mouth of Wadi El Arish, February 1917.

9. Teamwork

camel corps

Camel lines of the Imperial Camel Corps at El Arish.

10. Proud Lineup

camel corps

Proud line up of newly washed camels, ready to be saddled in camp at Abassia before the long rides of July 1918 onwards.

11. Camel Ambulance

camel corps

Camels carrying wounded men to safety on the North West Frontier of India, 1917.

12. Restored Photo

camel corps

Sinai 1916. Sgt Frederick Mercier – Imperial Camel Corps – 1st Camel Battalion [1st Company]. The original of this photo was badly damaged by the 125 degree heat of the Dead Sea/Jordan Valley – digital restoration took 3months! (Donor J. Van Luyn)

13. Camel Corps Training

camel corps


14. Our Trusty Steads

australian camel corps

An Australian demonstrating the docility of his camel by putting his wrist in its mouth, Egypt, 17 September 1917.

Dedicated to all the War Animals They also Served


war animals

Camels in ANZAC Parade Inquiry 





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  1. Kate says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this information that isn’t widely known about camel being involved and an aid in the war.

  2. marilyn webb says:

    Thanks Russell for sharing these very rare and special photos. I have saved a couple to my album and will put them up next Anzac Day.
    I have great memories of my first EVER camping trip with you and your camels in the Flinders Ranges at Beltana. Love looking at your photos on Instagram and Facebook. Cheers !!

  3. Sally Millard says:

    I always wear my purple poppy, that symbolise memory of the animals that gave their lives in the wars, along with my Camel Corps remembrance badge. They proudly sit alongside my other ANZAC memorabilia badges, poppies and medals…L’est We Forget.

  4. Máx Hurtado says:

    Australia will be proud for ever with them,and grateful with you to remember them too. Congratulations in memory Anzac day

  5. Danka says:

    Wow that’s so moving guys and what a lovely way to teach us yet again about something we should lever forget. We are nothing without the support of our beautiful animals who are such an integral part of our life in peace and war
    Very moving
    Thank you

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