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Hi Cameleers, wannabe cameleers, camel owners & camel lovers…

Are you tired of the endless & time consuming ‘google-ing’ for good camel information? In the end still not ending up with the answers you were looking for?


We know how frustrating and overwhelming it can be hearing contradictive camel information from various sources only leaving you more confused than when you first started – Sound like you? We’ve been there too when we started on our camel journey.

Where’s all the good reliable camel information at?

Right here – in our ‘camel community’ aka Cameleer Academy!

We’ve got a camel training style with different levels to suit each interest and budget. From bonding with a camel to going on a camel trek or expedition – we can help!

Over many years of learning how a camel thinks (their phycology) and watching them in their natural herd environments we’ve developed the Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training™ a proven method that trains camels (one hump or two) in a non-violent and non-dominating way using a method based on mutual trust and respect.

Comes with a warning though – camels are addictive!

Right here is where you can get all the Know How! From keeping your own camels to becoming a professional – there are no limits at the Cameleer Academy.

What we offer….

Camel School Camel Training

Virtual Camel School is coming up! (Starting March 25th 2019)

Don’t miss your chance to learn our Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training® method from the comfort from wherever you are in the world.

You’ll be joining us and other camel loving people in this dynamic foundational camel training course designed for camel owners & those that want to own camels in the future.

No matter if you’ve been in the camel game for a while or you’re only just starting out, you’re going to love our virtual camel school with pre-recorded training videos for you to watch and live weekly training videos with us to cement your learning and have your questions answered. 

Guaranteed you’ll learn something new!

 Level One – Camelology, The Basics

Our in-person, 3 day, hands on Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training™ clinics is where you will learn about how a camel thinks (their psychology) in order to build up a strong connection of trust and understanding so you can begin to instruct the camel to do things such as sit (hoosh/kush), stand on command, respectfully walk with you  and respond to headstall and verbal cues. This is the best place to start if you’re considering camels, already have camels or simply want to learn a non-diminating and gentle approach to training and handling camels. We also cover basic husbandry information – how to care for camels – which includes our Introduction To Camel Husbandry eBook.

camel training


 ONLINE Trust Based Camel Handling Course – with instant access


Do you want to learn how to train and handle camels based on TRUST, MUTUAL RESPECT & LOVE FOR THE CAMEL?

Do you fear that you might be teaching your camel the ‘wrong way’ or have this feeling that you’re camel isn’t understanding you?

Are you a beginner (maybe even without camels yet), but want a place to start your camel journey?


The only place on the internet where you can get a Camel Training Course!



Level Two – Camel Quantum, Advance Training

In person, ‘hands on’ Training to help you get more Advance training than our Camelology level. This level is tailor suited to your needs which may include doing a ‘hands on’ camel trek along with other training modules including training riding camels & expedition work to suit the individual needs, this also can prepare you for the pro course (below).

Camel Riding Saddle



Level Three – Camel Competent, Professionals Course

This is for people that have completed all the above levels and want to start their own camel business for themselves, like camel milking, riding operation, safaris and the like. We supply everything for your business set up: knowledge, equipment, camels – this is your one stop shop!

camel training for professionals


Camel Trekking & Expedition Course – Online

Get all the KNOW HOW for your Camel Trek or Camel Expedition, build your CONFIDENCE and FAIL-PROOF your plans!

The only place on the internet where you can get this information.

Learn all the ‘must knows’ of doing a camel trek or camel expedition .

Don’t gamble with your – or your camels – life. Go on your camel venture 100% confident.

camel expedition camel trek trainingcamel expedition camel trek training



Who are we…?

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COMING SOON: Online Cameleer Academy with ACCESS TO ALL Camel Training videos, eBooks plus a forum and more! To be notified of lunch dates please fill in form below.

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