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If you're a camel owner, want-to-be owner or simply just love camels, then YOU are in the RIGHT PLACE!

Are you tired of the endless & time consuming ‘google-ing’ for good camel information?

In the end still not ending up with the answers you were looking for?

We know how frustrating and overwhelming it can be hearing contradictive camel information from various sources only leaving you more confused than when you first started…

Sound like you? We’ve been there too when we started on our camel journey.

Where's all the good, reliable & professional (and fun!) camel information at...? in our camel community!

We’ve got a camel training style with different levels to suit each interest and budget. From bonding with a camel to going on a camel trek or expedition – we can help!

Over many years of learning how a camel thinks (their psychology) and watching them in their natural herd environments we’ve developed the Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training® a proven method that trains camels (one hump or two) in a non-violent and non-dominating way using a method based on mutual trust and respect.

Comes with a warning though – camels are addictive!

Right here is where you can get all the Know How! 

From keeping your own camels to becoming a professional – there are no limits at Camel Connection!

Learn about camels in your own way...

Whether you like to learn in-person, with an adventurous twist or do some intensive training with us, below is what we have to offer you (fun is always included!)

Learn about camels with us ONLINE

Below are our online training offers...

Don’t miss your chance to learn our Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training® method from the comfort from wherever you are in the world!

You’ll be joining us and other camel loving people in this dynamic foundational camel training course designed for camel owners & those that want to own camels in the future.

No matter if you’ve been in the camel game for a while or you’re only just starting out, you’re going to love our virtual camel school with pre-recorded training videos for you to watch and live weekly training videos with us to cement your learning and have your questions answered. 

Guaranteed you’ll learn something new!

Every camel owner [or want-to-be-owner] needs a ‘one stop shop’ of reliable and up to date camel information on camel wellbeing, training, handling & vet care. That’s exactly why we created the Cameleer Academy Membership.

This is for people who are serious about keeping their camels (or future camels) in excellent health and continue excellent, world class training & handling. 

We’ve brought together the world leaders in camel health, vet care, training & handing – all within the Cameleer Academy Membership.

You’ll get access to a library of camel information on caring for camels, handling, training and access to a Camel Vet!

Learn about camels with us IN-PERSON:

Below are our In-Person training offers...

Our in-person, 3 day, hands on Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training® course/clinics is where you will learn about how a camel thinks (their psychology) in order to build up a strong connection of trust and understanding so you can begin to instruct the camel to do things such as sit (hoosh/kush), stand on command, respectfully walk with you  and respond to headstall and verbal cues.

This is the best place to start if you’re considering camels, already have camels or simply want to learn a non-diminating and gentle approach to training and handling camels.

In person, ‘hands on’ Training to help you get more Advance training following Level 1 Camel Course. 

Learn how to saddle a camel for the first time, lead camels in a caravan and even ride while maintaining a strong bond & trusting relationship. 

Course includes training camels to ride, walk in a caravan/string, expedition work even commercial operation.

Level 2  is a tailored course suited to your needs which may include doing your own camel trek or riding camels. Tell us your camel goals and we’ll teach the training!


Along our camel journey we’ve learnt many things, often the hard way, which makes us determined to share all the camel information that we know with you through training courses such as this.

We specialize in helping new camel owners get comfortable with their new found wooly friend, learn how to handle, train, bond with and care for their camel(s).

We’re mentors for camel owners and camel lovers & practitioners of Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training® & teach camel psychology!

We’re beyond passionate about sharing a positive message about training & handling camels from a place of connection, compassion & a deep understanding of camel psychology & wellbeing. 

We’ve had an array of camel experience 
working in and managing…

Camel Riding Operations

Camel Trekking Operations

Personal Camel Expeditions

Running Camel Training Clinics Australia Wide & Internationally

Camel Management & Farming

Camel Expeditioners

Tourism Operations

Mentor’s for other Camel Business Owners

You can get our full story here HERE

We’ve have the pleasure of working with camels and their handlers in the humidity of Thailand, the Steppes of Mongolia, the colourful and craziness of India, isolated deserts in Australia and the USA.

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