Camel Vet Talk – Biggest Mistakes Camel Owners Make Feeding Camels

Feeding camels camel vet talk

Most health problems that camels experience are derived from what they camel is eating – or NOT eating.


Did you know that when you’re feeding a camel that you’re actually feeding their stomach(s)…?


Also, did you know that there is an ideal hay length – yes the actual length of the hay stalks, for camels to eat…?


We introduced Dr Margie Bale, specialised Camel Vet & vet in our Cameleer Academy membership, to Homesteady to have a chat to them and their YouTube audience about some of the biggest mistakes that camel owners make when feeding their camels.


When you know better you do better, and we’ve all been trying to do the right things for our camels, but when someone like Margie drops some #truthbombs – and  , that’s when we, as camel owners can “do better” because we “know better.”  


You’re going to learn so much from this short chat, so grab a pen and take some notes!


And don’t forget to grab your copy of our Camel Husbandry eBook while you’re at it



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