Camel Vet Talk #1 – Why Camels NEED Salt & Why They’re Prone to Parasites (worms)

Camel Vet




We’re so pleased to bring you our first ever Camel Vet Talk with our “resident” camel vet within our Cameleer Academy membership, Margie Bale.


You’re going to get so much value from this Camel Vet Talk about why camels need so much salt in their diet & why camels are so prone to parasite issues. 


“You have to see camels as a completely different species to all other animals when it comes to husbandry and vet care – because they are!” Margie says which is what we’ve been saying for years – we must admit it nice to hear a vet say this too!


It’s one of the most common mistakes camels owners (and some vets) make: caring from camels in the same way of other large animals. 



This an extract from our LIVE video during our Camel Husbandry & Vet Care [Free] Short Course. 


Tune in via your favourite platform….


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Or watch LIVE chat below…



You can access this entire camel vet talk (the above is an shortened/edited version) as well as lessons on camel nutrition, solving common problems and Q&A over at


The Camel Husbandry & Vet Care lessons is a 4 part video series.


In Lesson One we covered: Nutrition, Feeding & Healthy Humps

Lesson Two was about diagnosing and treating common camel health issues.

Lesson Three – we show what’s in our Camel First Aid Kit.

Lesson Four – an AMAZING (blow your mind) chat with our “resident” Camel Vet to our Cameleer Academy, Margie Bale explaining vet practices for camels. 


All this content is free for you to view, but it is time sensitive head over to THIS link to register.


Camel Husbandry & Camel Vet Care


Enjoy – we know you’ll get so much value form this.


Happy Camel Connecting!


Russell Osborne & Tara Lea Australian Camels

Camel Training Cameleers Tara Lea & Russell Osborne



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