Camel Vet Alex Tinson (aka The Desert Vet)

Camel Vet Alex Tinson The desert Vet

After reading the book The Desert Vet by Alex Tinson we just KNEW we just had to have him on our podcast to chat more about, not only his camel adventures, but also his incredible scientific knowledge on camels.


Let’s face it, it’s hard to come by vets with over 30 years of camel experiences as vast as Alex’s.


Being a fellow Aussie, Alex never intended to become a ‘camel vet.’ As he says so himself, “camels found him.”


Alex was literally plucked from the Australian outback to become chief vet in charge of the heath and wellbeing of the United Arab Emirates Presidents racing camels. With this, he was given one mission, to make the President’s camels’ the best in the UAE and all of Arabia.


An incredible 30 years later Alex is the world’s leading camel vet and is still working and living in the UAE with camels at the centre of everything he does.


We chat with Alex about just some of his life and career accomplishments which left us wanting to hear more.


Alex’s story is about determination, love, heartbreaking loss, adversity and defining the odds. 


Without further ado, first and foremost, if you haven’t read The Desert Vet, order your copy now (follow this link) and tune in to this amazing conversation with Alex Tinson, The Desert Vet.


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[ 1:16 ] How the idea of The Desert Vet book was born

[ 4:35 ] What camel vet projects are happening now in the UAE since Alex’s arrival 30 years ago

[ 7:11 ] Came embryo  technology for milking camel and the incredible yield results. 

[ 10:22 ] The first time Alex met camels and the minor veterinary errors.

[ 14:47 ] From the 5 year ‘camel gap year’ to camels finding Alex again

[ 15:35 ] Alex’s story of the gone but not forgotten: The Great Australian Camel Race

[ 20: 09 ] How Alex was recruited with become the camel vet for the president of the UAE

[ 33:18 ] Common camel health and wellbeing issues

[ 40:04 ] How Alex’s heartbreaking losses turned into unexpected “camel projects”

[ 48:11 ] The beginnings of the HEF (Harry’s Endangered Friends) foundation and it’s incredible projects

[ 56:22] How to produce 40 years of camel breeding in just ONE year

[ 01:00 ] How embryo transfer could drastically help the camel milking industry 

[ 01:05 ] Million dollar camels – the interesting culture and value of camels in the UAE

[ 01:07 ] Race horse industry compared to race camel industry

[01:11 ] The Camel Vet’s current, future and on-going projects


Grab your copy of The Desert Vet by Alex Tinson HERE


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