Camel Vaccinations: For Pet Camels & Production Camels

Camels are complex creatures with their biology AND nature and as we learned from Dr. Margie Bale, they aren’t immune to diseases and bacterial infections that are life-threatening!


Margie shares with us, from her own Camel Vet practice, on the most common issues in infections & disease in camels & how she’s combating this with vaccinations EVEN though there are no such products as  “Camel Vaccinations” due to the lack of industry (sad, we know!)


Watch or Listen to Camel Vet Talk on Vaccinations below….

camel connection podcast

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To listen to the entire comprehensive talk on Vaccinations for Camels join become a member of the Cameleer Academy online membership where Margie is a resident camel vet.


It’s CAMELFLIX (aka Netflix) for the camel lover…

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