Camel Training [Video] Haltering a Scared Camel

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Camel training and haltering a scared camel can be quite an intimidating experience – for both camel and handler. Too often, no thanks to media, a scared camel is misconceived as a ‘really grumpy camel’ or an ‘aggressive camel’. This misconception is one of the most common! By nature, a camel is not aggressive nor overtly ‘grumpy’.

Camel noises cannot be compared or analysed based on any other mammal noises – remember this when witnessing or dealing with camels.

In this video we share with you what a scared camel looks and sounds like. The nosies are loud and deep. If you’ve never heard a scared camel growl before it can be really intimidating, but for obvious reasons, because the camel is scared.

The camel in this particular video  is an older camel that was trained using a dominate based training method. We acquired her and began to try and allow her to trust humans for the first time in her life. She was our project for many years and slowly began to shift and trust that we were always going to be kind to her. We only had her in our lives for 5 years until she passed away from old age not that long ago, but it was clear to us that her previous 20 years of human experiences weren’t good ones.  This camel has touched many hearts over the years as one of our working camels in our outback camel treks. Initially people would be scared of her [the camel] until we encouraged their change of perception and announced that she is simply scared of humans because the lack of trust.

This ‘old girl’ had a positive ending to her last five years in life, we honour and miss her everyday. Even though her trust was limited she always looked after us – many times she protected us and, what it seemed to be, nurtured and trained our young children into little cameleers.

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