Camel Training & Handling: 5 Enjoyable Things Your Camel Will Love

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As a camel owner it’s easy to assume what your camel likes and or finds enjoyable, yet at the same time there can loom an element of doubt as you try to build a trusting relationship with your camel and get to know him/her better. 


Food is the first obvious choice when it comes to giving the camel something enjoyable to do while you’re present and it’s only natural to think that ‘treating’ and or feeding your camel is a way to get them to enjoy your presence, learn to trust you and build a relationship. 


You’re not wrong at all if you think this, but what we’re discussing in this podcast episode is doing enjoyable things with your camel that doesn’t compromise your relationship with them. 


We’ve spoke about how treating camels or using food as bribery does not particularly make a camel like you per se, but rather you’re simply a good food source (see reference in link for that particular discussion on our podcast).


So what are some enjoyable things you can do with your camel(s)? 


In this episode we discuss what we’ve found, over the many years we’ve been facilitating our camel courses, through our own personal experiences and camel operations, different ways that camels can enjoy your company and build upon any existing trust you have between yourself & your camel.


Tune in now on your favourite platform to hear all the discussion points on the 5 enjoyable things your camel will love.


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Episode #05 – Treat Training Camels, Why We Don’t Do It 

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2 thoughts on “Camel Training & Handling: 5 Enjoyable Things Your Camel Will Love

  1. danka sivevski says:

    How good is that well done guys easy to follow and information delivered in a beautiful natural way. I totally have you on my bucket list to visit and of course participate in a camel trip.

    Keep up the great job you do looking after such amazing majestic creatures I also adore them.

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