Camel Training & Handling: 3 Important Knots for Cameleers

Camel Training with Russell Osborne

If you work with camels or are planning on working with camels, whether that be training or handling, there are 3 important knots you need to know for camel handling and camel training. Like riding a bike (or a camel?), once these knots are learnt, they’re hard to forget and you’ll be able to do them blindfolded, which is actually useful because when working with camels sometimes you need to be able to tie a knot without looking!

We demonstrate how to tie the  3 Important Knots for Cameleers and explain their individual uses while handling or training camels in a variety of different situations and circumstances.

Whether you have a camel as a pet or you’re planning on operating commercially or even going for a trek with camels, you cannot pass on these knots.

This is knot a laughing matter! ….okay couldn’t help ourselves with that one – That was KNOT FUNNY!

Watch the video below to learn the 3 Important Cameleer Knots for Camel Training and Handling  why not grab a piece of rope and start practicing with us!

Russell Osborne & Tara Lea Australian Camels

Cameleers Camel Trainer Tara Lea & Russell Osborne

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