Camel Training in Asia

Camel training Asia

We had the honour of spending 6 days with a well represented camel themed theme park in Thailand, namely, Camel Republic. We we’re invited to Camel Republic because the park CEOs and managers pride themselves in professionalism and wanted  good training for their staff, hence their camels. It was obvious to us that they had the camels best interest at heart and wanted their camel’s to be handled in a gentle way with our Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training™ method.

We taught our Camel Connection, Trust Based Camel Training to budding cameleers eager to learn. The new cameleers soon picked up on our teachings: That the handler had to understand the camel rather than expecting the camel to understand the human. Once connection is made with a camel through Trust Based Camel Training the progression of the camel training is quickened by ten fold. All a camel requires is a relationship and training model built off trust and understanding for quick camel training results.

As professional camel trainers we’ve handled many camels over the years and one thing is for sure, each camel is 100% unique which is exactly why we formulated the Camel Connection, Trust Based Camel Training Method™ to help people understand the three most important things any camel handler must know before handling camels: Understanding the Camel’s Body, Mind and Spirit. Understanding these three tools will set the proper foundations for building a camels trust and ultimately getting excellent camel training results.

Watch the video below about our camel training venture in southeast Asia, Thailand.

We’ve been honoured to be able to teach over 100 people our Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training™ courses in the past few years. We’ve taught people from all walks of life such as zoo keepers, horse trainers, medical doctors, train drivers and even those with previous camel experience. There’s not anyone who cannot learn this method of camel training.

If you’d like to learn more about the Trust Based Camel Training Method get instant access to our online course which includes a bonus Camel Husbandry eBook

Camel training course online


If you’re based outside of Australia and would like to consult with us about hosting our Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training™ clinic at your zoo, theme park, ranch or farm please get in touch with us HERE

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