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A common scenario is camel owners trying to do the right thing by their camel(s) and creating enrichment activities and ‘toys’ to help keep the camel entertained and, in some cases, stop them form being ‘destructive’ in other ways.


But, do camels need toys and what is a camel thinking when these things are presented to them?


It’s so important to put yourself (the human) into the ‘shoes’ (or ‘pads’) of the camel, because often our human perception is not the camel’s perception. 


Things we cover on this topic:

  1. Do camel need toys?
  2. What ‘enrichment exercises’ can you offer camels?
  3. How a camel thinks about toys (a short lesson in camel psychology)
  4. Practical things you can start implementing right away if your camel is seeming ‘destructive’ or ‘bored’ 


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