Supplements Domestic Camels Need


If you’re like so many other camel owners whereby you don’t have your camels in their natural desert environment, roaming free, then you need to tune into this Camel Vet Talk on supplements domesticated camels NEED.


Dr. Margie Bale – Camel Vet, gives us digestible information on things you need to start adding to your camel’s diet TODAY in order to avoid some major health issues in the future. 




Camels are survival animals so even though they might “appear” to be healthy and strong, what’s going on on their insides might be a different story.


Often camel owners are surprised one day to find their camel had died “unexpectedly” but there most likely was an underlying health issue going on that wasn’t picked up on and the camel’s body started to fail.


In this talk, you’ll get practical How-Tos and feed adjustments to keep our camels healthy and some solutions to some health problems arising.


Watch the video talk or listen to audio… 


camel connection podcast





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