Camel Saddles 101

Camel Saddles 101

Do you ever wonder, or even get confused, on the type of camel saddle that would suit your needs or maybe, even if you need one anyhow…?


Does owning a camel mean you need to have all the accessories, in this case a camel saddle?


From camel trekking to camel riding, choosing a camel saddle can be quite overwhelming.


There are many different styles of camel saddles around the globe, find out if you need a camel saddle and, which style will suit you and your camel best.


We’ll help you determine your camel saddle needs whether you use camels for personal use or commercial OR…. you’re not quite sure what you want to do with your camels yet.


We cover some ‘camel saddle’ history as well as the styles of camel saddles that we’ve come into contact with with the places we’ve visited around the globe.


Tune in now to learn about Camel Saddles 101.


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Russell Osborne & Tara Lea Australian Camels

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