Behind The Scenes of Our Beach Camel Riding Operation

Camel Riding business operation

Are you considering owning and operating a camel riding operation and or camel business for yourself? Or maybe you’re just interested in what it takes to get such an operation occurring on a daily basis? Maybe you just want a sneak peak into our daily lives when we conduct our beach camel rides…? Then this video of our behind the scenes of our beach camel riding operation is for you!


If you’ve been reading our blogs, following us or know us in person by now you’ll know that we don’t ‘fairy coat’ anything that we do and we are very transparent.


We’ve been operating the beach camel rides for 4 seasons now. We’re not going to lie – this kind of operation is HARD work. It’s physically (and therefore mentally) demanding and we’re positive that this type of work gives us ‘body builder’ strength. There’re days where we don’t think we can do it and energy levels are low, but mostly, we keep on keeping on, but that’s just the physical work there’s also other business operations to consider too. 


When the work on the beach is done, there’s still work at home making sure the camels are well cared for. Our ‘days off’ still ask for jobs to be done. Anyone that has animals knows the demands they place on ones life. We think its a sacrifice all animal owners make – one well worth all the effort too!


We take you ‘behind the scenes’ for a peak of how we operate our professional camel riding operation on thebeach in Lakes Entrance (Victoria, Australia). See from day start to day end on the work that’s involved in getting our camels ready for their days work taking people for rides along the famous 90 Mile Beach.


The camels have work – yes, but their owners (that’s us!) also have their work cut out for them from sun up to sunrise.


Watch the video below to get a glimpse of behind the scenes



What you’ll learn and see:

:56  Greeting camels after feed time

1:42  Camels ready to load into trailers

2:00  Camels being loaded

3:20  Travel to beach location

4:00  Time-lapse of saddling and packing camels

4:54   Walking to beach location

5:24   Setting up on beach

6:38   camel introductions

7:03   Customers riding camels

7:49   How camels are handled and safety (see blog post referred to in video HERE)

9:04   Packing up time-laspse



Happy Camel Connecting!


Russell Osborne & Tara Lea Australian Camels

Camel Training Cameleers Tara Lea & Russell Osborne

P.S. If you’re considering going Pro Cameleer (aka running a camel operation) Check out this info here (and reach out!)




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