Watch us Mentor a Camel Owner LIVE (Identifies a Danger Sign Baby Camel)

camel training expert homesteady

We have the pleasure of mentoring Homesteady who recently brought camels into lives to be part of their self sufficientcey lifestyle (which they YouTube their experience)


Their curiosity in camels began when they started having food sensitivities & intolerance in their family and camel milk seemed like a good option for them, so naturally they knew it was their next best step to their sustainable lifestyle. 


Homesteady now have a milking cow (female camel) and a 1 year old male calf (baby camel). 


Austin & Kay wanted to make sure they knew what they were getting into so they sought out advice and found us!


We thought we’d join this opportunity to share with the world the advice, tips and guidance that we give Homesteady by sharing our Coaching Camel Calls with YOU!


Here is the first Camel Coaching call with Austin form Homesteady. We know you’ll get a lot of value out of this and they better news is there are more to come! 


Watch now….



Happy Camel Connecting!


Russell Osborne & Tara Lea Australian Camels


Camel Training Cameleers Tara Lea & Russell Osborne


If you’d like ONE ON ONE CAMEL COACHING check out our offering HERE



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