Camel Nutrition & Toxic Plants

Most people ask (or Google) “What do camels eat?” The question should really be, “what SHOULD camel’s eat.”


Many people put camels in the “hardy animal” category when in fact, if they are removed from their natural environment – the desert, nothing can be further from the truth! Camel’s are survival animals, meaning that if they are sick, they often won’t show signs until they are REALLY sick as their main objective in life is to survive.


Our resident Camel Vet here in our Cameleer Academy, Dr. Margie Bale, shares a snippet of her Camel Vet Talk about Proper Nutrition for camels and plants that are toxic to camels.


You’ll be surprised to hear that most of us are doing nutrition for our camels ‘backwards’ – get ready to take notes!


camel connection podcast




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