Below is a list of camel milk suppliers that the passionate camel farmers who have invested in learning how to connect, bond, train & handle their dairy camels using our gentle and low stress method of training & handling camels – Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training® Method.

Our personal recommendations for Camel Milk Products:


Muswellbrook (NSW) Camel Milk – Pasteurised & Bath Milk, cheese & cosmetics, powered milk.

DromeDairy Camel Cosmetics (WA) – Camel Milk Skin Care

Camilk – Powered & fresh milk, cosmetics




Have you landed on this page with a keen interest in camels and milking them? Great! We love helping people set up their own camel business – it’s our passion and our speciality!  You’re in the right place to get started. Please CONTACT US, tell us your story and we will get back to you with how we can help you setup your camel business talk soon! 

Since we really want to get the word out about camels and how amazing they are,  why not get the health benefits from their milk too?



The Australian government cull (kill) camels as they are considered a pest. As Australian Camels (and in conjunction with many other people) we believe that this is an unsustainable approach to the issue at hand. We’re passionate about creating an ‘Industry’ of the camels and in this instance Camel Milk is a big sector to consider for Australia, with the added health benefits and opportunity to work with a magnificent animal that adores that human connection.

Australian Camels camel training


Using what mother nature gave us as resource is what we are about. It’s important that all consumers are aware of how their food is produced. There are way too many ‘supermarket shelf items’ which most people have no clue how it’s grown, produced and packaged. All these things matter to us, our future generation and our environment.

We are dedicated to helping passionate camel dairies to train their camels to milk in a calm and patient manner, meaning that they [the camels] most certainly aren’t forced to milk. We refuse to treat them as a ‘machine’ therefore any artificial intervention to increase lactation is not used.  Camels are very sensitive creatures and if not treated fairly, with mutual trust and respect, they will not perform, and to be honest it’s not all about ‘performance’. The camel’s comfort level and needs are first priority. Milking camels that are trained through our Trust Based Camel Handling Method, meaning connection, love, trust, respect and relationship come first.

camel training camel milking


Camel milk has been described as the next new super food, even though it has been consumed for thousands of years. It’s known to help many health misalignments from Autism to skin issues.

Camel milk has also been reported to aid and assist with a number of medical conditions.
Camel milk is the closest type of milk to that of human milk.

It’s also said that the famous Egyptian Queen herself – Cleopatra – bathed in camel milk for it’s healing & health benefits.

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