Hobbles, Halters & Haters – Camel [Coffee] Chat

Camel Hobbles, Camel Halters & Haters

Grab a cuppa and join us for a Camel Coffee Chat where we talk about the most latest camel news with insights and information to help you along your camel journey whether you have camels or not.

In this CCC (camel coffee chat) episode we’re talking camel hobbles, their uses, types of camel hobbles and how they can be used (gently) in training and handling camels. We share some practical insights into how and why we use camel hobbles.

We then move onto talking all about camel halters and why we have chosen to use the style we do (and why we don’t use anything else). We’ve got you covered with all the info on camel equipment for better training and handing of camels.

Lastly, we’re dive into “haters” – maybe a strong word, but what we’re really offering is a good ol yarn about making your camel dreams, goals and or ideas come to life. From starting your own camel business to living out your idea of an extraordinary camel trek or expedition, we share some hard lessons we learnt and some helpful strategies to get you closer to your camel idea/dream/goal. We’ve got your back!

Tune in now for some gold information, laughs and of course, lots of camel talk! This is your one and only camel podcast.


Russell Osborne & Tara Lea Australian Camels


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