Camel Hobble Making – DIY Workshop!

Camel Hobble


Camel hobbles are a really useful tool of camel equipment for camel handlers/Cameleers and ideal for your camel operation, camel training , camel trekking and camel expedition.


In Camel Training, Camel Hobbles are an advanced technique. Please see our How To Hobble a Camel Safely video tutorials  before training camels into hobbles.


Camels need to be “trained into” hobbles to reduce risk & stress. As always, lots of reassurance is required. 


We do not recommend you use camel hobbles as a form of domination or coercion.


NOTE: A camel can still defend himself if hobbled and can still kick out and run. 


Some Reasons to use Camel Hobbles: 

  • Feeding out, un-tethered, in open spaces
  • SOME Training methods (see training videos in Cameleer Academy).
  • Securing camels in an open space where limited feed and or tether points.
  • Necessary for camel treks, camel expedition, feeding out camels and (some) camel training.
  • Advance on camel’s training
  • Great tool for additional training of desensitisation. 



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  2. Downloadable Workbook 
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  4. Forum to ask questions & share your handy-work…


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