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If you had found out that there was an especially made collar designed for feral camels  in Australia that when put on one particular camel, that now that camel was responsible for all his fellow herd members being shot, because ‘he’ unknowingly had led the human predators directly to his herd, what would you do?


For Australian woman, Alison James, this resulted in using her award-winning drama director and writer skills to tell the entire world the story of feral camels in Australia – from the CAMEL’S perspective. This has never been done before!


We had the pleasure of interviewing Alison James (writer & director) and Brooke Silcox (producer) as they share with us how they came to bring this incredible depiction of an Australian feral camel to life.


What is a Judas Collar?


In outback Australia a wild camel is captured and fitted with a tracking device known as a Judas Collar. Based on a real life practice, Judas Collar is a scripted, no-dialogue, live action short film that explores the story of a camel used to betray her kind.


You’ll feel joy, connection, heartbreak, possibly even tears of grief as you watch this incredibly depicted short film with the cast being solely Australian camels. 


Only available for viewing free online between November 4th – 14th, 2019 (see film below).


However you identity as a ‘camel person’ (lover, handler, trainer, owner etc) this is a MUST watch! 


This film has been featured all over the world in short film festivals and won numerous awards and is now in the running for an Oscar award in 2020.


Show your support of The Camel and share this film with all your family and friends and of course watch the movie and our interview with Alison James (Director & Writer) and Brooke Silcox (Producer) of how they came to bring this incredible depiction of an Australian feral camel to life. 


Tune in now to watch or hear our interview with Alison James & Brooke Silcox – writer, director & producer of Judas Collar 


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Or watch Interview below (or keep scrolling to watch the film first)…



References Mentioned (clickable links):

Judas Collar Website 

Russell’s Camel Expedition 








If you’d like to make a positive difference to how camels are managed in Australia consider donating to these causes:


Judas Collar website

Lourdes Camel Sanctuary 

Purchase camel milk products from THESE (or any) camel dairies




For a more hands-on approach join us in the Australian Camel Experience in July 2020 where we will give some Australian feral camels a chance to live a long life.


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Happy Camel Connecting!


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