How Camels Show Fear & Anxiety [Camel Q&A]

Camel fear and anxiety camel training



Every camel, no matter how experienced they are, will show signs of fear and anxiety, obviously as camels gain more experience this can lesson, but this depends on their handling, training & management too. 


Camels are a prey animal, meaning they are constantly on guard and on a fine line between being in fear and being relaxed. In domesticated environments this does lessen as a camel becomes familiar with its surroundings and establishes a daily routine.


One of the most common signs that we see with camel owners/handlers is they are missing the signs of the camels fear and anxiety and wonder what they are doing wrong or… what’s wrong with the camel?


A simple and little thing, like changing the colour of their feed bucket, can ignite their natural fear response and send them into flight or fight mode.


In this Camel Q&A we discuss the ‘Fear & Anxiety’ signs you can start looking out for to determine how your camel is feeling.


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