Walk through an Australian Desert with our experienced and friendly camels!

Experience a real life Camel Expedition without having to learn all the necessary skills and organise logistics.

Live with us and our camels in the Australian Outback on our 16 day camel desert expedition with a ‘hands on approach’ in the safety of professional cameleers who’ve done it before!

This will be a journey you’ll never forget!

Desert Expedition
Crossing golden desert sand dunes, South Australia.

16 Day Desert Camel Expedition

 July 7th -22nd, 2018 – BOOKED OUT

July 1st -16th 2019 – BOOKED OUT  


 NOTE: 2019 marks the end of our camel trekking and expedition operation. After 2019 we will no longer be offer these camel trips.

Instead we are focusing on educating camel lovers & camel owners (or want to be owners) through our regularly held Camel Courses, Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training® and our International Camel Journeys. 

Let us take  you on a camel expedition to an inland sea (Lake Eyre) that’s below sea level – water in the middle of a desert that has travelled over a thousand kilometers to get there!

click picture below to expand the route…

Camel Expedtion Route

The walk is approximately 150km return. Good stamina is required as well as a willingness to work in a team environment.

“Such a wonderful way to have a holiday…”

“This was a first for me…in everything I did! Sleeping under the stars, walking with the camels in the sand dunes, sitting around the campfire each night, tending to and loading the camels each day, unloading them at the end of each day. Something to cross off the ‘bucket list.’ 5 stars!” – Marilyn, Australia

Group Camel Expedition

What to expect?

Three Nights Stay at the famous William Creek Hotel. One of Australian Geographic’s Top 10 Outback Pubs.

Wholesome hearty meals served 3 times a day while on camel expedition

Opportunity to work and bond with our friendly camels

An unequaled once in a lifetime travel opportunity

Expertly instructed in camel handling and expedition whilst exploring the remotest parts of South Australia.

All camels trained and handled using our own Trust Based Camel Training Method

Plus so much more…


Prior to your arrival at William Creek Hotel, South Australia we will have your temporary accommodation arranged for you. You will stay 2 nights at the Hotel before trip commences to participate in our camel expedition briefing and one night after return. Enjoy a double room with ensuite, flat screen TV, bar fridge and so much more. A chance to relax and put your feet up before the camel expedition begins and upon return allow yourself to ease back into society.

Discoveries Along the Way…

Ancient Aboriginal lithic / occupation sites

See and experience desert wildlife and native flora

Explore Lake Eyre, one of the worlds natural wonders

Night skies like never seen before

Experience Incredible desert sunrises and sunsets over Lake Eyre

Peace and tranquility away from the modern world

camel expedition Sunset
Camel Expedition Sunset


Upon booking you will get a FREE author signed copy of Russell’s book Camelman Dreaming

cameleer camelman dreaming Russell Osborne

“I can’t think of any other trip that I would prefer to do in Australia at all…”

“…I recommend it to anyone who wants to get out into a historic place where 4wd can’t get to. I found it incredibly relaxing” –   Michael, MD Surgeon, QLD, Australia

outback camel trek

Get hands on with our friendly and loving camels. Be apart of the camel expedition team!

Expertly Guided by a bloke who has walked across Australia….

Russell Osborne, CEO of Australian Camels dedicated a large chunk of his life to walk 8 camels from Darwin to Melbourne,over 6,000km,  through Australia’s most isolated deserts regions for a Children’s Charity. He did the hard yards of initially making the decision, spending years gathering the camels, training them, making saddles and other equipment, logistics, mapping, seeking sponsorship and finally DOING IT (13 years to plan)!

A chronicle of his journey is now in print format as ‘Camelman Dreaming’.
Camel Expedition
Russell walking a camel train at William Creek, South Australia.

“What a life-changing experience…”

“…The splendor of the desert, the vastness of the sky, the wind blowing across the high rocky plains. The silence encompasses the soul in infinity. The act of walking every day into a new unknown provides an element of self-growth that cannot be obtained any other way. There is no turning back, there is no failure. There is only the challenge, the awe, and the trust. 

The team’s easy-going patience and compassion with the people and animals in his charge and his never-ending humour are inspiring.

And the camels – you can’t help falling in love with these sweet, gentle beings who will give you a kiss for the price of a song.”

– Stephanie. Victoria, Australia

camel trekking tours

Our hassle free and logistically managed Camel Desert Expeditions will leave you filled with wonder, inspiration and a good ol’ soul cleanse before entering back into our modern world.

camel fire on camel trek
Campfire on Camel Expedition

Some of the experiences you will get on our Desert Camel Expedition:
> We will teach Camel handling skills
> We encourage everyone to get hands on with the expedition (e.g. packing/handling camels)
> Unforgettable sunsets in Australia’s most isolated places.
> Totally off any tourist tracks
> Expedition lead by map and compass & experienced transcontinental cameleer
> Wholesome hearty, meals served 3 times a day

16 Day Camel Expedition, July 1st – 16th 2019 – BOOKED OUT

Discover | Reconnect | Recharge | Relax

Camel Safari camel expedition
There’s nothing like a sunset to remind you of how amazing mother nature is.


Want something smaller scale and sooner? Take a look at our 5 day outback camel safaris CLICK HERE


Day 1 begins as the sun rises and the campfire is stoked. We share yummy shared breakfast (did someone say FRESH damper with melted butter!?). We take you through a second briefing on camel trekking safety procedures and protocols for leaving ‘no trace’ as we enter the wilderness, just as it should be. We teach you basic cameleering (camel handling) skills and you even get your own camel to bond with for the week! After we’ve worked together as a team to saddle and pack our camels we will begin to our trek to Lake Eyre, discovering unfamiliar locations and parts of the outback that have never been seen before (because most people use cars, not camels). We never take the same path twice… Actually there are no paths, we create our own!

The days are relaxingly and consistent with the smell of campfire and freshly baked damper for breakfast. As we tread lightly on the earth the camels sway side to side with all our supplies upon their backs. You’ll become a shepherd of the camels as they munch on their tucker for an hour or so in the morning and evenings (a good time for thinking, meditating and watching the camels behavior, in our humble option). After camel’s grazing the camel train is lead back to camp ready to be groomed, saddled and packed with all our gear ready for another day of camel trekking, exploring and absorbing in the diverseness of the Australian Outback on an our camel expedition.

Be prepared to trek up to +15km per day – get you’re trekkin’ boots on! Our camel treks are more about the experience rather than the miles. We will trek across diverse land, spotting wildlife, wild flowers and enjoy conversations with like-minded people (no one has ever wanted to go home from bad company – see below).

Camel Trek Camel Expedition
Bond with our friendly camels

“I found the time in the desert with the camels a truly positive and healing experience…”

“…such a wonderful bunch of people a truly positive and healing experience – I came back [home] to Tassie feeling like quite a weight had been lifted, and for that I’m truly grateful.” – Sharon Griffiths, Tasmania

outback sunset camel trek

THEN…. we stop at a new location to share a healthy and hearty lunch and then get on our way to find the perfect location for a good night camp for unforgettable sunsets, expanse of the night sky and the perfect sunrise to greet the day…The routine becomes familiar after the 3rd day and the relaxation sets in. The mind will start to de-clutter and the real experience of the outback sets in.

camel expedition
Collecting our camels for a days trekking. William Creek, South Australia


russell osborne camel expedition
Camel Expedition at Lake Eyre South, South Australia


We look forward to having you on board this 16 day Camel Desert Expedition.

Your guides and coordinators for this 2018 Camel Desert Expedition 

Tara Lea cameleer
Tara Lea
Russell Osborne camel trek
Russell Osborne


camel expedition


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