Camel Cull in Australia – How You Can Positively Help

Camel Cull in Australia. how to help



All the camels pictured below would have most likely been one of the many camels shot by the Australian Government 


Tara Lea Russell Osborne Cameleers Camel Trainers


Luckily now, they have a forever home & a purpose with us… 


We have received your hundreds of emails & messages form all over the world with your concerns for our Australian wild/feral camels  being shot  – and we thank you for your concerns it’s humbling to see so much love for The Camel.


Unfortunately this is such a complex situation (humans tend to do that when messing with nature). 


The problem we are facing with Australian camels being shot and not utilised is a political one that’s backed by Associations and corporations that just want a quick fix (mostly).


Unfortunately there is no quick fix to this ‘problem’ but….


At Grassroots we can **ALL** be doing something to help the Australian camels from being shot and we believe it comes down to education about The Camel.


So from our perspective, we’ve formed an option (heaven forbid)! 


Tune in now to hear how you can help, in a positive way, Australian Camel Culling….


camel connection podcast





Or Read….

We, as a company, are operating form a place of educating those that want to be educated about the camel (through our courses & events) so then we can encourage camel ownership as a more sustainable approach (sourcing camels from these ‘shoot zones’) and helping make camel ownership an option for more an more people. 


From this, slowly but surely, an “industry” can really occur (think horse/alpaca/llama industry).


Jobs creation is a bonus!


As a country we’ll never be able to eradicate the Australian camel (thank goodness), even though they are classed as ‘feral’ and a pest.


Australian camels  helped Australia become what it is today (just Google it)!


HOW CAN YOU HELP less shootings of the Australian camel population…


EDUCATE YOURSELF on camels so a budding industry can form (again, think Horse/Alpaca/Llama Industry).

  • Attend camel events. 
  • Attend Camel Courses & Trainings.
  • Go on Camel Safaris in Australia (ethical ones of course).
  • Support camel business in Australia & Globally (listen to podcast for more info on how this helps)


  • Buy/use camel milk products (consumables & cosmetics)

(for vegans: if you buy camel milk soap/cosmetics you’re actually helping one less camel being shot out in the wild. Dairy camels in Australia are coming from these areas where they would be normally shot. Camel milking industry is one of the most ethical milking industries we’ve witnessed and even a few have been through our Camel Connection training courses).


And, simply…


Do all the camel things and have conversations with other Australian’s about the feral camels in Australia.


The amount of Australians that don’t even know we have wild (feral) camels in Australia really surprises us!


We hope this has been helpful and we thank you for your messages & emails.


Your first step now is to share this and do one (or all) of the above.


Power To The People!


Happy Camel Connecting!


Russell Osborne & Tara Lea Australian Camels


Camel Training Cameleers Tara Lea & Russell Osborne



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