CAMEL CRAZY Author Interview Christina Adams (on Camel Milk)

Camel Crazy Camel Milk Christina Adams


When we first saw the title of Christina’s new book: Camel Crazy, we knew the language of “camel people” was being spoken.


During our interview with Christina we felt star struck on how committed she is to spread the message on how important camels are, not only to certain ‘camel cultures,’ but also how camels are entering the lives of thousands of people that need support in their health too!  


In Christina’s new book: Camel Crazy, chronicles how, as mother, she found herself traveling the globe — from Bedouin camps in the Middle East to Amish farms in Pennsylvania to camel-herder villages in India — to obtain…. CAMEL MILK, which dramatically helps her son’s autism symptoms. 


During our chat with her it was clear that her “mission” is fuelled by love and determination to create awareness of how amazing camels are and of course the health benefits they can offer us humans.


Being serial camel lovers ourselves and having a son on the autism spectrum we felt so familiar with the stories that Christina shares with us in this informative interview.


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CAMEL CRAZY: A Quest For Miracles In The Mysterious World of Camel is now available (direct link below)

Camel Crazy Christina Adams

Blurb: In this page-turning odyssey, a mother on a mission travels the globe — from Bedouin camps in the Middle East to Amish farms in Pennsylvania to camel-herder villages in India — to obtain camel milk, which dramatically helps her son’s autism symptoms. Chronicling bureaucratic roadblocks, adventure-filled detours, and Christina Adams’s love-fueled determination, Camel Crazy explores why camels are cherished as family members and hailed as healers. Adams’s work uncovers studies of camel milk for possible treatment of autism, allergies, diabetes, and immune dysfunction, as well as ancient traditions of healing. But the most fascinating aspect of Adams’s discoveries is the gentle-eyed, mischievous camels themselves. Huge and often unpredictable, they are amazingly intelligent and adaptable. This moving and rollicking ode to “camel people” and the creatures they adore reveals the ways camels touch lives around the world.

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