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  • How to start & plan a Camel Trek or Expedition of your own

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Camel Coaching Consults over the phone or Skype


Solve your camel issues on a Camel Consult!


We have the camel’s wellbeing at heart. Our company is built on a passion for the camel and supporting those who share that same passion (that’s you).  We have a diverse range of experience from commercial camel riding operations, to long camel expeditions (pack camels), to camel husbandry and camel farming both desert and domesticated as well as camel insurances, setting up camel business, marketing and making camel equipment such as saddles and the like.  Combined over 25 years of diverse camel experience. We KNOW that when you have your camel doubts it’s nice to know you can call on someone that has trusted and reliable camel experience.

Your Go to Camel Help people…

Russell Osborne & Tara Lea

Information rich, practical camel handling advice to camel owners and or people wanting to enrich their knowledge of the camel and it’s unique behaviours through professional camel coaching and mentoring.

Camel’s behaviour is vastly different to that of horses or any other pet you may have had in the past. Confusion begins to creep in and in trying to understand the animal, it’s behavior and obtaining credible information of how to train your camel is becoming increasingly difficult.

We’ve also had our doubts and unexplained questions… Over the years we’ve learnt the hard way so now you (or your camel) don’t have to!

The Camel Coaching Consult© will give you one on one advice to gain an in-depth insight into the way your camel thinks, feels and behaves and any other camel related questions. Using this information, training your camel becomes a step-by-step process, which involves working closely with your camel in a co-creative manner involving trust, respect, kindness and gentleness.

Consults are 100% personalized for your own specific situation. You WILL GET YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED! 

Convenient way to gain invaluable knowledge and skills through mentoring over phone, at home.

Practical & useful camel steps you can actually implement and use

$97AUD/Consult (approximately 60-80 minutes)


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