How Much Land Space Does A Camel Need [Camel Q&A]

    Having sufficient land space for camels will ultimately improve their wellbeing, but how much space do camels really need…?   Most assume a lot of space, but this is a complex question with a complex answer as we consider the variety of environments that camels are normally domesticated in.   In this Camel […]

8 Reasons Why Your Camel Isn’t Responding To Training

  It can be really concerning to a camel owner/handler when it seems that their camel isn’t responding to the training or worst still the camel has been through training, but has seemed to have regressed!   Can you relate to this feeling…?   The truth is that all camels (especially YOUNG camels) will seem […]

Women Who Work With Camels – Celebrating INWD 2020

Women Who Work With Camels Camel lady Cameleer

Being “Pretty” isn’t our aim in life… #WomenWorkWithCamels Celebrating International Women’s Day, March 8th 2020.     Although we could have an entire social page & website dedicated to Women Who Work With Camels (because there are SO many inspiring Camel loving ladies in this world)…. We did a social take over & to share some […]

How Often Should I Train My Camel [Camel Q&A]

CAMEL TRAINING Breaking in camels

    In this week’s Camel Q&A we are answering the question of “How Often Should I Train My Camel”   We give a detailed answer to suit all camel people whether they have a pet camel, working camels, trekking camels or otherwise. All these situations cause for slightly different answers. You’ll be surprised to hear […]

Life Lessons Learnt From Camels 2.0 – Ego & Camel Training

camel training

  Every month we take a moment to reflect with you here the lessons we are continually learning form camels and we know that if you live with animals (especially camels) you’re more than likely getting these ‘life lessons’ too.   Animals are such a gift to us and in this podcast episode we are […]

How To Load Camels Into Trailers [Camel Q&A]

Trailer Loading Camels Camel Training

  Hauling camels can be a stressful experience for camel owners.    Most people don’t realise that camel’s actually sit down to travel – they like to keep their centre of gravity – camels generally travel really well if given regular breaks of the vehicle stopping so they have a chance to stand up.   […]

Dealing With “Pushy” Camels [Camel Q&A]

Camel Training pushy camels

    Probably one of the most common concerns of camel owners is them having a “pushy camel”. We were so pleased to receive this question from Christine so we can address this issue that many camel owners face.    Question:  “How do you discipline a camel? I am new to camels and one them […]