Camel Vaccinations: For Pet Camels & Production Camels

Camel Vaccinations camel vet

Camel Connection Podcast · Camel Vaccinations For Pet & Production Camels – Camel Vet Talk #3 Camels are complex creatures with their biology AND nature and as we learned from Dr. Margie Bale, they aren’t immune to diseases and bacterial infections that are life-threatening!   Margie shares with us, from her own Camel Vet practice, […]

Without This You Can’t Train & Handle Camels

Camel Training

 Camel Connection Podcast · #78 Can’t Train Camels Without This   We don’t know what position you’re in and how you came about your camel(s) – if you have them yet – but we know that EVERY camel owners need camel education.    Camel education that aligns with YOUR values about animals.   In […]

Baby Camels – When to Start Training [Camel Q&A]

Baby Camel Training

Camel Connection Podcast · Camel Q&A – Baby Camels – When To Start Training   So you’ve just gotten a baby camel, expecting one or maybe you’re considering getting a baby camel – congratulations!   Having camels in your life, we think, is one of life’s greatest pleasures!   One of the most common questions […]

Camel Hobble Making – DIY Workshop!

Camel Hobble

  Camel hobbles are a really useful tool of camel equipment for camel handlers/Cameleers and ideal for your camel operation, camel training , camel trekking and camel expedition.   In Camel Training, Camel Hobbles are an advanced technique. Please see our How To Hobble a Camel Safely video tutorials  before training camels into hobbles.   […]

[Camel] MILK DROP: Camel Documentary on Preserving Culture | Filmmaker Interview

Milk Drop Camel Documentary

  Can a drop of camel milk help preserve culture in Ethiopia…?   Clio Sozzani & Roba Bulga think so and they are about to tell the world in a powerfully dramatic new Camel documentary on Camel Milk.   We interviewed Clio Sozzani – an anthropologist filmmaker and director of this new camel milk documentary […]

Camel Vet & Care Questions Answered #1

Camel Vet Questions

  Last week we got to be on a video conference call with Dr Margie, Camel Vet and she so willingly answered all the Camel Vet Questions that members of our Cameleer Academy had.    So we thought we’d see if you had the same or similar Camel Vet questions.   The Camel Vet Q&A […]

Worms in Camels – Why They are Such a BIG Problem (Camel Vet Talk)

Worms in Camels

  Why are worms in camels such a big problem…?   Dr Margie Bale, from,  explains why worms in camels are such a big problem.    We love how Dr Bale puts things so simply and in a non-scientific way that anyone can understand.   If you’d like access to this full Camel Vet […]