Camel Chat: Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going

Tara Lea Russell Osborne Camel people Cameleers

Camel Connection Podcast · Camel Chat: Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going 2020 has been an… “Interesting” year for us, no doubt you could say a similar thing. Crazy times indeed!   The two of us, camel owners, lovers, Cameleers, chat about how this year has impacted us & our camel business.   We […]

How (when/why) to daisy chain a camel’s headstall rope

Camel rope

 Camel Connection Podcast · How (when/why) to daisy chain a camel’s headstall rope This really simple knot means that you can leave your camel’s headstall on if they are in regular training, work or you simply want to build confidence in catching your camel.   Since the headstalls that we use are ‘one piece’ […]

Camel Halters & Headstalls: Choosing, Fitting & Safety

Camel Halter & Headstalls

In this video, we help you decide the best camel halter for your camels.   We give 3 different examples of camel halters with a focus on the camel halter that we’ve tried & tested and has proven itself time & time again.   Watch the video to learn about camel halters:   Want Access […]

Supplements Domestic Camels Need

Camel Supplements camel vet

Camel Connection Podcast · Supplements Domestic Camels Need   If you’re like so many other camel owners whereby you don’t have your camels in their natural desert environment, roaming free, then you need to tune into this Camel Vet Talk on supplements domesticated camels NEED.   Dr. Margie Bale – Camel Vet, gives us digestible […]

Camel Nutrition & Toxic Plants

Camel Nutrition & camel Toxic Plants

Camel Connection Podcast · Camel Nutrition & Toxic Plants Most people ask (or Google) “What do camels eat?” The question should really be, “what SHOULD camel’s eat.”   Many people put camels in the “hardy animal” category when in fact, if they are removed from their natural environment – the desert, nothing can be further […]

Camel Disease That Broke Our Hearts! Every Camel Owner Needs To Know: Osteodystrophy aka “Big Head”

Big Head osteo-dystrophy in camels

 Camel Connection Podcast · Every Camel Owner Needs To Know This Camel Disease: Osteodystrophy aka “Big Head”   There’s LOTS to learn about camels and their health, we know, but if one dis-ease stands out and is a MUST KNOW for anyone considering buying/owning camels or already has camels it’s Osteodystrophy – otherwise known […]

Inside Camel Training Yards: Doing Vs Being

Camel Training

Camel Connection Podcast · Inside Camel Training Yards: Doing Vs Being For those that aren’t in our Virtual Camel School attending our live camel training lessons we want to show you what it’s like inside our camel training yards.   A few things might stand out like… No loud talking or fast movements. We’re extremely […]

Some [Personal] News & How it Relates To Camel Training

Tara Lea Russell Osborne camel people cameleers

Camel Connection Podcast · Some [Personal] News & How it Relates To Camel Training   We have some personal news to share with you.   We (Russell & Tara) made the decision together to share this with you because ultimately, we value authenticity & vulnerability, and as strange as it might sound, this has everything […]