How To Hobble a Camel Safely [Video]

How To Hobble a Camel

Camel Training Tip: How to Hobble a Camel Safely, two ways.   Two safe ways to put hobbles on a newly trained camel as well as more experienced camels.   Reasons to use hobbles: – Feeding out un-teathered in open spaces – SOME Training methods (please seek professional advice before proceeding using hobbles for training. […]

How Much Water Does a Camel Drink? [Camel Q&A]

How much water does a camel drink

  One of the most common questions we get from camel owners and non-camel owners is how much water does a camel actually drink or, need to drink…?   It might surprise you that this is a complex question with a complex answer, but today we’re sharing all the details with you in this Camel […]

You & Your Camel’s Fear – How To Eliminate It! [Camel Training Tip]

camel training scared camel fear

    Are you ever fearful around camels…?    Are you afraid of their size, biting, kicking, the unknown etc etc…?   Fear is a totally natural thing to have….AND…. We recommend it to a certain extent!    We give the reasons why in this episode.    Learn one of the most useful and easiest […]

CAMEL CRAZY Author Interview Christina Adams (on Camel Milk)

Camel Crazy Camel Milk Christina Adams

  When we first saw the title of Christina’s new book: Camel Crazy, we knew the language of “camel people” was being spoken.   During our interview with Christina we felt star struck on how committed she is to spread the message on how important camels are, not only to certain ‘camel cultures,’ but also […]

Camel Vet Talk #1 – Why Camels NEED Salt & Why They’re Prone to Parasites (worms)

Camel Vet

      We’re so pleased to bring you our first ever Camel Vet Talk with our “resident” camel vet within our Cameleer Academy membership, Margie Bale.   You’re going to get so much value from this Camel Vet Talk about why camels need so much salt in their diet & why camels are so […]

CAMEL FILM JUDAS COLLAR: Interview with Writer, Director & Producer

Camel Film Judas Collar Australian wild camels

    If you had found out that there was an especially made collar designed for feral camels  in Australia that when put on one particular camel, that now that camel was responsible for all his fellow herd members being shot, because ‘he’ unknowingly had led the human predators directly to his herd, what would […]

How To Train a Camel to Ride

How To Train a Camel To Ride

  Training a camel to accept a saddle and rider is a VERY easy thing to accomplish, IF you and your camel have the foundational training right.   More often than not we get people coming to us about camel riding issues. It could be a bucking camel, a camel not following instructions or simply […]

Does Camel Connection Training Work For EVERY Camel?

Camel Training

  We get it – When you’re committing your time and energy to any sort of training/learning you want to know if it’s worth your while…?   In This Camel Q&A we’re answering the question:   Does the Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training® method work on/for EVERY camel…?   We’ll be answer just that […]