Dealing With “Pushy” Camels [Camel Q&A]

Camel Training pushy camels

    Probably one of the most common concerns of camel owners is them having a “pushy camel”. We were so pleased to receive this question from Christine so we can address this issue that many camel owners face.    Question:  “How do you discipline a camel? I am new to camels and one them […]

How Camels Show Fear & Anxiety [Camel Q&A]

Camel fear and anxiety camel training

    Every camel, no matter how experienced they are, will show signs of fear and anxiety, obviously as camels gain more experience this can lesson, but this depends on their handling, training & management too.    Camels are a prey animal, meaning they are constantly on guard and on a fine line between being […]

Why We Went to Thailand To Train Camels

Camel Training Thailand

To be quite honest it was never in our radar to visit Thailand for CAMEL TRAINING or even Cameleer Training for that matter!   When people think ‘Thailand’ they associate it with bad, harsh and inhumane treatment of animals. When the proposal first arrived for the need of our professional advice on training camels we […]

How To Build a Relationship With Your Camel

How To Build a relationship with your camel

  Building a relationship with the camels that are in your life is essential if you want the best outcomes for them AND yourself in handling, training and as a companion.    Camels thrive off relationships – all you have to do is look at their natural herd environments to understand how important relationships are […]

Behind The Scenes of Our Beach Camel Riding Operation

Camel Riding business operation

Are you considering owning and operating a camel riding operation and or camel business for yourself? Or maybe you’re just interested in what it takes to get such an operation occurring on a daily basis? Maybe you just want a sneak peak into our daily lives when we conduct our beach camel rides…? Then this […]

Camel Training: Positive Reinforcements To Start Using Now [Video]

Camel Training Positive Reinforcements

      Having a camel experience positive reinforcement from their human companion is essential to good handling and training, but it can be over AND under done.   We share with you 4 (easy) Positive Reinforcements To Use the next time you’re with camels.    You’ll notice in this video that our reinforcements are […]