Raising Healthy Baby Camels – Selenium & Why It’s Needed

Raising Healthy Baby Camels

The birth of a baby camel is a wonderful thing to witness in a lifetime, but it comes with its risks in a domesticated environment.


There’s a certain care routine needed for a pregnant (and lactating) camel to ensure that the baby camel is born healthy, that, more often than not, includes supplementation and a strict feeding regime.


Unfortunately, we see all too often, either the camel (cow) falling ill and or the baby camel (calf), due to the lack of supplementation – remember, camels are a desert animal, they need their supplements.


In this blog, Dr. Margie Bale, Camel Vet, explains the importance of selenium in the pregnant camel’s diet to ensure the baby camel is born healthy and well and able to live a long happy life.


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