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World Camel Day: Treats Your Camels Will Love!

World Camel Day

Camel Connection Podcast · World Camel Day: Treats Your Camel Will Love   It is world camel day, June 22nd, and in the past we’ve done podcasts on this [very] important day like:   3 Camel Myths Busted    And…   How Camels Have Changed People’s Lives    But this year, it’s time to treat […]

Day 1: Camel Training Series | Starting The Camel Training Process

Camel Training

Camel Connection Podcast · Day 1: Camel Training Series | Starting The Camel Training Process Welcome to Day 1 of our Camel Training Mini-Series where we, Tara & Russell teach short, insightful camel training lessons to help you get started with Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training®, our signature camel training method designed to tap […]

Camel Hobble Making – DIY Workshop!

Camel Hobble

  Camel hobbles are a really useful tool of camel equipment for camel handlers/Cameleers and ideal for your camel operation, camel training , camel trekking and camel expedition.   In Camel Training, Camel Hobbles are an advanced technique. Please see our How To Hobble a Camel Safely video tutorials  before training camels into hobbles.   […]

[Camel] MILK DROP: Camel Documentary on Preserving Culture | Filmmaker Interview

Milk Drop Camel Documentary

  Can a drop of camel milk help preserve culture in Ethiopia…?   Clio Sozzani & Roba Bulga think so and they are about to tell the world in a powerfully dramatic new Camel documentary on Camel Milk.   We interviewed Clio Sozzani – an anthropologist filmmaker and director of this new camel milk documentary […]

Camel Vet & Care Questions Answered #1

Camel Vet Questions

  Last week we got to be on a video conference call with Dr Margie, Camel Vet and she so willingly answered all the Camel Vet Questions that members of our Cameleer Academy had.    So we thought we’d see if you had the same or similar Camel Vet questions.   The Camel Vet Q&A […]

Worms in Camels – Why They are Such a BIG Problem (Camel Vet Talk)

Worms in Camels

  Why are worms in camels such a big problem…?   Dr Margie Bale, from,  explains why worms in camels are such a big problem.    We love how Dr Bale puts things so simply and in a non-scientific way that anyone can understand.   If you’d like access to this full Camel Vet […]

Worms in Camels – What You Need To Know

Worms in Camels

  First we have to say off the bat, if you come here looking for a straight answer on worms in camels and drenches / dewormers to use we don’t have it and anyone who gives a straight answer to parasites in camels doesn’t understand the science (which we learned the hard way).   We’re […]

Redefining Happiness & Success via Camels: John Elliott Interview

Camelman John Elliott

  We have an adventure packed interview for you today – all revolving around one man’s idea of trekking with camels.   We sat down with John Elliott: Adventurer, Entrepreneur, Explorer & now Cameleer.   John decided to embark on a journey – namely a camel expedition – over the next few years visiting town […]