Australian Camels Gag Reel 2017

If we’ve had the pleasure of having you on one of our camel training camp, camel treks or an international camel journey you’ll know that we love what we do and take our job with camels very seriously….But… Not too serious!

2017 Gag reel will see some camel training go ‘not quite as planned’, uncontrollable laughter over failed camel equipment making and lots of cute camel faces of course!

Our ‘job’ can often be quite stressful and demanding, but we’re big believers in that anything can be fun if you make it and that laughter is a must (at least to keep us sane anyhow)!

Enjoy the Gag Reel and, if we haven’t met you already, we hope to soon!

Russell Osborne & Tara Lea Australian Camels



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