We help people just like you become Camel Confident & Camel Connected in camel training, handling, psychology & wellbeing.



Camel Connection unites camel owners, want-to-be owner, carers & lovers and helps them become Camel Confident & Camel Connected in all aspects of camels.


We teach people how to communicate with and care for camels through our online camel training course & our Cameleer Academy where Camel Connection is at the core of everything we teach.


We’ve had people from all walks of life learn about camels with us: from Medical Doctors & Business Executives to Zoo Keepers & Hobby Farmers (and everything in between)….


Whatever your camel goal / idea / dream is we can help you, just like we’ve helped others! 


Everything we teach about camels comes from a place of connection, compassion & a deep understanding of camel psychology (and biology thanks to our dedicated Camel Connection, Camel Vet)!


Being with camels is one the biggest pleasures in life and we’d love for you to experience this too!



Do you need support, advice and training in your new camel venture?

Do you need someone to look towards for consistent camel advice and How Tos?

Do you need to learn how to care for camels?

Do you want to learn how to communicate with camels?

Do you want to get closer to your camel idea / goal / dream?

We can help!




So what you waiting for…!? START HERE NOW




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