5 Ways To Screw Up a Camel Training Session

We understand that as a passionate camel owner and lover that you want to do the right thing by the camels you get the pleasure of handling and or having as pets, but we also understand, from regular feedback from camel owners, is that it’s not always easy to understand how the camel thinks and therefore the approach to handling and training can cause confusion for the camel AND handler. 


It’s a stressful place to find yourself, especially when you’re trying to ‘do all the right things’ by your camels. And… you WILL find yourself ‘there’ as you navigate the world of ‘camels’ – we still go there sometimes! 


So we want to give you a heads up. Is this episode we talk about 5 Ways To Screw up a Camel Training Session, more to the point – How NOT to screw it up a Camel Training session!


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Russell Osborne & Tara Lea Australian Camels

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